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Enjoy Oatmeal The Way It Should Be.

Oatmeal. Done Right.

The Rambling Oat Co. was founded on the idea that the simplest things in life are the best. On that premise we have created fully cooked steel cut oatmeal in the convenience of a single serving pouch. No mixing or measuring, just heat it, and eat it!

Steel cut oats are 100% whole grain oats that are cut, not rolled, and make a full-bodied hearty hot meal (not soft and mushy). But this less-processed grain takes a longer time to cook, so it’s often overlooked in favor of the many “instant” oatmeals on the market. Now you can enjoy fully cooked steel cut oats any time you like.


In just one minute you’ll be enjoying a hearty serving of deliciousness! And while we love to eat our oatmeal in the flavors we’ve chosen, steel cut oats pair well with fruit, nuts, or even a dollop of Greek yogurt.

why it matters

People are busy! So we tend to gravitate towards the option that requires the least amount of time, which in this case is Quick Oats - the most processed and the most mushy oatmeal on the market. This is why we created the Rambling Oat Company, because we wanted to give people the option of having a quick and easy way of enjoying steel cut oatmeal, without the 30-40 minutes of preparation.

Steel Cut






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Steel Cut OAts.

Fully Cooked.

ready to eat.

A Bit About Oatmeal

Oat Groats

This is the whole oat in its original beauty. Not great for oatmeal, but a magical work of nature in its own right.

Steel Cut Oats

Steel cut oats are groats, just cut (with steel) into smaller pieces, making it possible to boil them and make them into oatmeal. This is the closest thing to the original grain, which makes it the heartiest, healthiest, and most delicious oatmeal out there.

Rolled Oats

Rolled oats are groats that are steamed, then pressed thin. They're a bit more processed than steel-cut which allows them to be cooked faster.

Not everyone knows the difference between varying types of oatmeal. We feel the need to bring people up to speed.

Quick or "Instant" oats are pre-cooked, dried, then rolled and pressed to be thinner than rolled oats. These are the most processed, but as the name would imply, they cook the fastest.

Quick Oats

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A Bit About Oatmeal
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Original Classic

Our Original Classic steel cut oatmeal is a lightly sweetened masterpiece. It is the perfect base to a number of customizable oatmeal varieties. Try it with fruit, nuts, or even a dollop of Greek Yogurt! Anyway you eat it, you'll be a happy camper.

Customize to Your Delight

Maple & Brown Sugar

Savor The Sweetness

Our Maple & Brown Sugar steel cut oatmeal is deliciously sweet and wonderfully flavorful. It is the staple flavor for any oatmeal, and our version will leave you coming back for more.

Apple Cinnamon

Enjoy the Apple Goodness

We've worked hard to accomplish the perfect ratio of apple to cinnamon in our delicious Apple Cinnamon steel cut oatmeal. It is guaranteed to warm you up and leave you satisfied.

A Word From Our Fans

"We put some almond milk in and had it eaten in just a few minutes!! From now on my family and coworker will be eating your oats! Just like you said. ..a quick and easy delicious warm healthy breakfast. Thanks Rambling Oats!!!”

- Gloria, Philadelphia, PA

“I tried your product--Good, convenient, easy to use, tasty! Thanks!”

- Carl, Lincoln, CA

"Like the title implies, this oatmeal is super easy and delicious. I love that it is not overly sweet, the steel cut texture is wonderful, and I really love that I can just heat the oatmeal up in the bag."

-Jonnie, Purchased from Amazon

Soooo  Good...

A Word From Our Fans

A Word From Our Fans

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